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Your privacy is important to us, your privacy and security rights are our basic principle. In order to protect the privacy of our customers’ personal information, the Bank’s system and internet infrastructure has been kept at the most reliable level and necessary measures have been taken. In this context, this Cookie (“Cookie”) Policy is cerated by Tugba Kuruyemis Şekerleme Gıda Meşrubat İnşaat Turizm Yerli Ürünleri İmalat San. Tic. İth ve İhr. Ltd. Şti. You can access the regulations regarding the collected data in our Privacy Policy on our website. (url ata)

You can visit our web site without giving any personal information, you can meet your needs by getting information about our products and services. Cookies are used to collect information about website usage during visits. Our goal here is to provide convenience to the user who visits our website and to understand how we can improve the operation.

A cookie is a small file containing a series of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are intended to make a website more user-friendly. It allows the provision of personalized web pages to provide a more convenient and quick visit to your personal needs. Cookies cannot collect any information, including personal data stored on your computer or files.

There are two types of cookies, Permanent Cookie and Temporary Cookie, depending on their validity period. Temporary cookies are created when you visit the website and are valid only until you close your browser. Persistent cookies are created when you visit the website and remain until you delete them or expire. They use persistent cookies to perform a personalized experience that is compatible with your settings.

Our website is using a temporary and permanent type of cookies in order to distinguish you from other users of our website and is used to adjust to your interests and preferences. In addition to cookies designed by Tugba Kuruyemis, cookies may also be used within the scope of services received from third parties.

Almost all internet browsers are predefined to accept cookies automatically. However, you can control or delete cookies as you wish. Since managing cookies varies from browser to browser, you can refer to the browser’s help menu for details.


What is Cookie and why are they used?  

The main purposes of using Cookies on our website are listed below:

  • Improving the functionality and performance of the website and improving the services offered to you,


  • Improving the website and introducing new features through the website and personalizing the features according to your preferences;


  • To ensure the legal and commercial security of the website, you and our company.

Types of Cookies Used on Our Website

 (Session Cookies)​​ Session Cookies are temporary Cookies that are used during our visitors’ visits to the Website and deleted after the browser is closed.

The main purpose of using such Cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the Website during your visit..

For example; provide you to fill in the online forms consisting more than one pages.

 (Persistent Cookies) Permanent Cookies are Cookie types used to increase the functionality of the Website and to provide a faster and better service to our visitors.

These cookies are used to remember your preferences and are stored on your device through browsers.

Some types of persistent cookies may be used to provide you with specific suggestions considering the purpose of your use of the Website.

Permanent Cookies allow you to re-visit our Website with the same device to check whether your device has a Cookie created by our Website, and if so, to ensure that you have previously visited the site and the content to be communicated to you will be determined accordingly and a better service will be provided to you.


Cookies Used on Our Website

(Technical Cookies) With the technical cookies, it is ensured that the website works and the pages and areas of the website that are not working are determined.
(Authentication Cookies) In the event that visitors enter the website using their password, such cookies will prevent the user from reentering the password on each page by determining that the visitor is the site user on each page he/she visits on the website..
(Flash Cookies) Cookie types used to activate image or audio content on the website.
(Customization Cookies) Cookies are used to remember users’ preferences when visiting different pages of different websites. For example, remembering your chosen language preference.
(Analytical Cookies) The number of visitors to the web site, the detection of the pages displayed on the web site, web site visit hours, web site pages, such as scrolling movements are cookies that provide the production of analytical results.


Can Cookies be Blocked by Data Owners?

You can customize your preferences for cookies by changing your browser settings.

Adobe Analytics http://www.adobe.com/tr/privacy/opt-out.html
Google AdWords https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=tr
Google Analytics https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
Google Chrome https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=tr
Internet Explorer https://support.microsoft.com/tr-tr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies
Mozilla Firefox https://support.mozilla.org/tr/kb/Çerez%20Yönetimi
Opera http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/privacy/
Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph19214?locale=tr_TR



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